Uniquely positioned in the global eyewear market

For over 40 years STEPPER EYEWEAR has been designing and manufacturing innovative and technically superior frames, building an enviable reputation for quality.

Discerning retailers and consumers around the world respect and strongly support the Stepper brand and products that bear its name.

The STEPPER contemporary eyewear collection is guaranteed to fit properly and be comfortable to wear. Manufactured to the highest standards and using advanced materials, STEPPER EYEWEAR is as durable as it is stylish. Patented TX5 polyamide and incredibly light, flexible and strong Titanium are used extensively throughout the entire STEPPER range.

STEPPER EYEWEAR has achieved its merits by its dedication to the creation of outstanding glasses and to the close professional relationship with opticians. The company was founded in 1970 as a joint venture between an expert in plastic moulding technology and Hans Stepper, a graduate optician.


Hans Stepper, the German optical student began to design eyewear in the early 50s. He showed the desire to push boundaries, a good sense of market trends and a talent for handcraft bespoke eyewear. Hans started his career as an eyewear designer for a Finnish eyewear manufacturer, Metzler. His designs were adored by many actors, actresses, designers; and even Urho Kekkonen, President of Finland from 1956-1981.

In 1961, he returned to Germany. After graduating as a Master Optician, Hans went on to manufacture plastic frames by injection moulding and steered away from the traditional method of cutting from Acetate sheets. His advanced technique brought to the market sculptured frames that fit around the face. Since 1993, Stepper has also explored metal to fulfil the ever-evolving trends and markets.


At the turn of the century, The Stepper Eyewear Company joined Arts Group in China. The company shifted the entire manufacturing process to China with the focus to finding innovative materials and designing eyewear for comfort and fit. Hans Stepper moved along with the company and remained an integral part of the management group. To this day, he is still involved in everyday aspects of the company.

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Stepper SI is the hallmark for quality eyewear across the globe. Stepper combines innovative manufacturing techniques with a detailed design process, ensuring a high quality and great comfort. Superior materials such as TX5 and Titanium are used in a wide range of styles to suit the most discerning customer.

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Eyewear with the STEPPER touch for the younger generation. Following contemporary fashion trends and a lower price category. All frames are made of TX5 or Stainless Steel.

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